The Importance of Open Architecture Digital Marketing Software

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Why is an open architecture site important? First of all is the question, who owns the data? I was a VP at a very large retailer and we used a lot of point services. When we wanted to pull the data out of all these point solutions, we couldn’t, these were black boxes, so even though they had five or six or seven years of data on our business, we had to start literally from a blank sheet. So the first thing with open architecture is that the data is yours as a customer. It is not the data of the vendor. And if you want to use this data for another initiative, you should be able to export it in real-time, in a very easy fashion. The other aspect is that in almost every enterprise environment, there are existing solutions that you have to integrate with. So no matter what your CRM is, no matter what your CMS is or your ESP is, you want to be able to integrate with this, a third party platform with ease. And when we have designed a number of keys in open architecture, we designed it as engineers that know how painful integrations are, especially in complex environments where you have legacy systems, you have new systems, you have global organizations. We have customers that have different systems for different geos. And how do you make it work? You have to go with the open architecture play. And this is basically from day one of Dynamic Yield, we always say it has to be open architecture, open datasets, and engineering friendly.

The open architecture approach has had a significant impact across industries and upon many fields. Here’s what it means for the modern tech stack and why it’s become so valuable in our data-driven age.