An Overview of Dynamic Yield’s Inspiration Library

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Over the years we’ve worked with leading brands in the personalization space to ideate, design and deploy tons of innovative digital experiences, many of which have lead to increased revenue and engagement. After compiling nearly 100 of these use cases into one unified repository, our personalization inspiration library now serves as the only resource practitioners need to discover new and purposeful campaign ideas. With dozens of filtering options available, sourcing relevant use cases is quick and easy. Just use the drop down to select the desired criteria among theme, industry, channel, impact at pages, experience type and implementation effort, then click apply, to see the results. Toggle between use cases and preview mode for quick inspiration or view each one in more depth by selecting more details where you’ll find additional information about the strategy applied and the hypothesis behind the used case. Additionally, teams can leverage the exhibited uplift recorded for benchmarking success. High impact used cases are always being added to the inspiration library, making it a marketers first stop before creating a new campaign.

Spark creative ideation with Dynamic Yield’s Inspiration Library. With more than 80 real personalization examples proven to achieve success, it is a marketer’s first stop before creating a new campaign.