Introducing Dynamic Yield for Email

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Email has been around for almost 50 years. The opportunity with email is that as a push mechanism, you can reach out to the user in the right context and the right time and you don’t have to wait for them to come back to your website or to your app.

Customers that are signed up via email and are engaged with the website have higher conversion rates, higher KPIs, are much more loyal than standard anonymous users.

The problem is the practice has become so commoditized recently that the amount of emails we receive as individuals is just insane. So if you think about the next five years, in order for your program to continue being a success, you have to change your paradigm from mass emails to personalized emails that are sent in the right time, with the right message. With the Dynamic Yield for email, we’ve built a solution designed specifically to personalize your emails at scale. You can dynamically customize the email content and include personalized recommendations, trigger emails based on user behavior, and then test and optimize your emails, all within a single platform.

We look at the user as one user throughout the different platforms. This way we are able to connect the dots and create a true omnichannel experience in terms of personalization. And when you talk about email, this becomes a core feature. You want the experience to really flow between all the different touchpoints, and be able to send the message in the email and have it correlate to the experience on all of the different platforms.

With Dynamic Yield for Email, automatically tailor the content of every email based on a user’s behavior, trigger emails after important events, recommend products or content upon time of open, and test strategies for optimal results.