Introducing Predictive Targeting by Dynamic Yield

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[Narrator] We all know that personalization works. Delivering the right experience to each user is the best way to raise engagement, drive conversions, and boost revenue. However, personalization can be hard work. Analyzing your data to determine what to serve to each user requires too much time, effort, and resources. What if there was an easier way? Introducing Dynamic Yield’s Predictive Targeting, a machine learning engine that makes personalization easy. Predictive targeting runs behind the scenes, continuously analyzing the performance of all traffic segments for each variation. It automatically recommends the best experience for each user. It handles all of the hard work and analysis, so you won’t have to. Setting it up is easy. After you launch a campaign, predictive targeting notifies you once high impact personalization opportunities have been detected, and then you have complete control to select and apply a personalization opportunity with a single click. Dynamic Yield’s Predictive Targeting is the only tool on the market that automatically identifies personalization opportunities for you across any platform and channel, helping deliver results and increase revenue.

Predictive Targeting, a new AI-Powered solution by Dynamic Yield, allows businesses to automatically convert every A/B test into an effective personalization opportunity.