Juniqe Improves Revenue from Paid Media Campaigns

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Junique is an artist powered, you know, online marketplace for art and design products. When we decided to go with Dynamic Yield, what really convinced me were two things, so first of all it’s really like an integrated platform that offers, you know, just a variety of different mechanics and functionalities so you can replace product recommendations where we used a certain technology provider, but we can also optimize landing pages, we can optimize and individualize the content shown on the page, we can show, based on onsite behavior, we can show popups, and notifications just having that, all accessible built on one coherent dataset, that was really powerful and at the same time, the speed to market, or like the speed of implementation and seeing changes you know, that you think about implementing and then seeing them live very very quickly, that was really important, especially for us, you know, as a startup. At the moment when it comes to, you know, the actual revenue uplift, I’d say between, on average, you know, 15 and 20% through the traffic exposed. Having said that, I think on our end, what we now need to do is we’re currently scratching the surface, there is so so much to do, so many optimizations, segmentations you can run to increase the number of the amount of traffic being exposed to these optimizations, so that’s really important so that we can get to that upper lift of, you know, 15-20%, you know across the board, I think that is something that we now really look at.

Sebastian Hasebrink, Founder & Managing Director of Juniqe, explains how the company improved revenue from paid media campaigns using Dynamic Yield. Watch the video to learn how Juniqe optimized search traffic, product page layouts, and chose winning variations for each individual customer for increased sales and campaign ROI. Read the full case study here.