Lagos leverages personalized messaging to drive a 65% uplift in purchases

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My name is Sarah, and I’m the Digital and CRM Manager at Lagos. I focus on customer acquisition and customer retention, especially through personalization on our website. Lagos is a fine jewelry company that’s been around for 40 years. We sell on our e-commerce website, as well as Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. One reason why Lagos chose to work with Dynamic Yield specifically was the dashboard and the interface. Since we are a company who’s been around for 40 years, we want to make sure we’re being innovative at all times, and one thing that we’re able to do with Dynamic Yield is constantly test our website to see what is it that the customers actually wanna see versus what we think they wanna see. Some of the biggest challenges we face at Lagos are getting the approvals for Creative to display on the homepage, and the best way to get the approval is by doing testing, and be able to show the data to say that this is something specific that we should do for the customer. One issue that we wanted to solve with our website is having to have customers add more to the cart, and one way to do this, we added urgency notifications to the PDP pages. And when we added the notifications to the PDP page, we saw an uplift of 65% for customers who made a purchase. Our top priority for the future planning for Dynamic Yield is to be mobile-focused. We wanna take a big dive into the mobile field. Knowing that constantly more traffic and revenue is coming from mobile devices, we wanna make sure that we’re providing the best user experience on the mobile device.

Sarah Daniels, Digital and CRM Manager at Lagos, explains why Dynamic Yield’s user-friendly interface attracted her eCommerce team, why the company uses the platform to test creative and messaging variations, and how implementing urgency notifications on product pages resulted in a 65% increase in purchases per customer.