Lamoda Achieves $15M Uplift in Gross Profit

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Lamoda is five years old. We’re actually celebrating our fifth anniversary this March, and we are active in four countries, mainly in Russia. We’re based out of Moscow. We’re selling shoes, clothes and accessories, serving 20 million customers every month, and at any given time we’re trying to have 100,000 products online for the customer to buy. We decided to use Dynamic Yield mainly because of three points. We were looking for scale, ease of use and flexibility. Dynamic Yield has a very easy to use solution. We’re actually only working with one person on our side on that solution, creating hundreds and thousand of Flexibility was important for us, because we don’t think one solution fits all problems at hand. There’s not one ready-made solution for everything but we trust Dynamic Yield to help us solve the problems that we face, and actually develop based on these problems. We’re running hundreds ofat any given time and the uplift could range from a small percentage number to a high triple-digit percentage number in increase. Overall, for the business for 2015, we saw an increase of eleven million US dollars which represented a 26-times return on an investment for us.

Benjamin Ludigs, Chief Revenue Officer at Lamoda, explains how some of their most innovative personalization campaigns helped Lamoda increase sales through robust personalization, granular visitor targeting, and real-time messaging to increase conversions and drive major revenue uplifts. Read the full case study here.