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(Romain) So I decided to work at DY because a friend of mine was then a customer. The more the customers are raving, the better it is, not only from, obviously a customer standpoint, but also from an employee standpoint.

(Sandro) I feel really lucky that I work with such a group of smart people. That allows me to always be challenged and discover and learn new things.

(Jake) I work with the smartest people. Every day I come to work and there’s a challenge to face. And I never go through a day without a teammate either, asking me for help or me asking them for help.

(Gabby) Everyone will ask you, “What’s the best thing about Dynamic Yield?” And people’ll be like, “Oh, it’s the people.” But really in DY, it really is the people.

(Jake) Everybody doesn’t really just say, “I’ll help you out” whenever they want. They really do come up to you multiple times a day, even to basically say like, “Hey Jeff, are you curious about anything? “Do you have any questions?”

(Sandro) From the CEO to the CTO, everybody, doesn’t matter what’s your title, they’re willing to help you, to support your initiative.

(Sasha) I think in DY, you can really bring your opinion to the table. It’s really unique, nothing is set from above. You can influence decisions at the highest level.

(Binyamen) Here in Dynamic Yield there’s a lot to learn, there’s a lot to do as well. There’s always new features that come out. And there’s always push from product to build out new features.

(Muhamad) Whenever we have a new position the company will look to hire people from within the company and promote people. And I’ve experienced it several times in my career, in Dynamic Yield.

(Sandro) We’re very united in what we do. We work together and we have a goal. And every team member knows what to do in order to achieve that goal.

(Binyamen) Even though it’s a company that’s constantly growing, we’re more than 200 people now, there’s still this start-up vibe.

(Sasha) If someone is looking to see their work come to life and really go to market quickly, and make an impact, Dynamic Yield is the place for you.

(Jake) When you come together and you’re able to inspire each other, or answer each other’s questions and help each other grow. There’s really no better kind of synergy to that. That’s the kind of culture I wanna be a part of. Because again, you’re growing, you’re learning, and you’re acting like a team. There’s no one person. I like it, I like what I do, and I think a lot of my team feels the same way.

A quick walk through life and culture at Dynamic Yield, one of the most exciting and fastest-growing startups in marketing technology.

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