Life at Dynamic Yield

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Dynamic Yield is a awesome environment to be in. It is fast-paced, collaborative, and every day brings its own set of challenges.

Dynamic Yield is a really fun company to work for, cause I think it, it has that vibe of a start-up, where a lot of things are really still possible, but at the same time, it’s got a really powerful product behind it already.

A couple years ago, the market wanted one solution for A/B testing, another for product recommendations, another one for messaging. And over time, consumers wanted all this functionality built into one powerful platform. So to see that in Dynamic Yield, when I met with Liad, and to see the pace at which he and his team were innovating on this product, was incredibly inspiring and something that I absolutely wanted to be a part of.

The environment at Dynamic Yield is incredibly fast-paced and incredibly collaborative. So I feel like there’s so much teamwork, everyone’s so excited to come to work every day and things are moving so incredibly fast, which is so exciting.

I work with a wide variety of team members from marketing, sales partnerships, and even our own CEO to deliver amazing results. I can’t think of a better start-up to work for.

You have that benefit of having a pretty established company with a great client base and a lot of good protocols in place, but also you feel like what you do on a daily basis actually has an impact on the company and that when you have good ideas you can actually see them implemented.

I came to this company because I know the marketers, e-commerce professionals, IT guys, are looking for a solution like Dynamic Yield to solve their problems. Not in the next two to three years, but for the next five, 10, and 15.

A quick walk through life and culture at Dynamic Yield, one of the most exciting and fastest-growing startups in marketing technology.