Multi-Touch Campaigns: Building a great customer experience

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When marketers today are thinking about personalization, they’re generally thinking about personalizing a single interaction or a touchpoint. And the problem is that this isn’t how you build a great customer experience for your visitors.

It’s important to have a consistent experience throughout the different touchpoints, so that the marketer can test and see what combination of experience is working best for that individual user and also be able to provide a consistent flow for the user as they’re shopping.

Personalization is much more than the sum of its parts, and it’s important to remember that when you’re evaluating a customer’s experience with your brand, you have to consider every single touchpoint and every single interaction that they have with your business. Marketers today need to make sure that they use personalization to craft a seamless user experience that’s both engaging and tailored for each and every user, no matter what channel or touchpoint that they’re on.

With Dynamic Yield’s multi-touch experiences, you would be able to target a new user on the site, for example, and have a specific message for them that’s consistent throughout the different touchpoints.

These campaigns can include experiences of different types, from homepage hero images to exit intent overlays, and span across different pages and points in the customer journey. It’s valuable for marketers to be able to test and continuously optimize the entire flow of a user’s journey throughout their business.Multi-touch experiences enable marketers to make personalization a core part of their entire customer experience.

Optimize your site by testing a set of changes across multiple pages, measure the total effectiveness of test variations, and determine overall effectiveness using Multi-Touch Campaigns.