An Overview of the Dynamic Yield Platform

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Dynamic Yield is omnichannel personalization platform, which means that it is a platform that allows our customers to connect any data point about the users with an activation there that allows them to launch experiences from any digital channel out there. It could be web, it could be mobile, it could be email, it could be through APIs, to call centers and in store. Customers use Dynamic Yield using a two-step approach. Step one is connecting the dots. They connect all their data points, including the data which we collect in realtime, and they allow their marketing team to launch new experiences at scale and in realtime.

Now the speed to markets, are like the speed of implementation and seeing changes. Now think about them and implementing them and then seeing them live, very, very quickly. You know, that was really important, especially for us as a startup.

So if you think about today’s market. We’re struggling with a plethora of solutions that our individual point solutions have only addressed a small portion of their need. As an end-to-end solutions provider, we operate from a unified cohesive data set in the background, where we are able to ingest data from pretty much any source, and we’re able to power activation on any channel. So it’s very, very easy for the marketer a cohesive personalized experience across all platforms.

Dynamic Yield is a very easy to use solution. We’re actually only working with one person on our side on that solution, creating hundreds and thousands of campaigns. Flexibility was important part because we don’t think one solution fits all problems at hand. There’s not one ready-made solution for everything, but we trust Dynamic Yield, and the team at Dynamic Yield to help us solve the problems that we face and actually develop based on these problems.

Data integrations are typically a very tedious process. You have a lot of different data sources. Each one has its own format. Being able to take all that data and bridge it into one system, just takes a lot of time. So it doesn’t matter whether you do email, or display ads or content personalization on the website, itself, or accommodations. Everything can be targeted, and A/B tested, and optimized.

Dynamic Yield’s omnichannel personalization technology helps marketers increase revenue by automatically individualizing each user interaction across the web, mobile web, apps and email. Our advanced data engine uses machine learning to identify revenue opportunities in real time, enabling marketers to take instant action via personalization, recommendations, automatic optimization, and real-time messaging.