An Overview of Dynamic Yield Recommendations

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Today I’ll provide a brief overview of Dynamic Yield’s recommendation capabilities. Our recommendations module enables businesses to deliver personalized product and content recommendations for each user across a wide variety of digital channels and touch points, including web, mobile app, email, push notifications, and display ads. Additionally, our streamline recommendations workflow makes it easy for marketers to build, implement, and test all of the recommendation widgets and campaigns. It’s incredibly easy to build and deploy recommendation campaigns in Dynamic Yield. There are three simple parts: customizing a recommendation strategy, setting the targeting conditions, and designing the recommendation widget. We start by building our recommendation strategy. We can select from a wide range of recommendation algorithms, from bought together algorithms, to personalized algorithms based on user affinity, and more. Additionally, we can leverage Dynamic Yield’s algorithmic fusion capabilities to set different recommendation algorithms for every slot. And then we can customize and manage merchandising rules by pining, including, or excluding items in the results. Next we set up the targeting conditions for our recommendation campaign: who should see this recommendation widget, where they should see it, and when they should see it. Lastly we just need to build our recommendation widget. We can either design the recommendation widget from scratch or leverage a prebuilt template. Dynamic Yield provides out of the box templates that you can use with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript already all built out. Or your team can build and save recommendation widgets as custom templates. Let’s use a custom template to build our new widget. After we’re done customizing the recommendation widget, we can set it live immediately. In Dynamic Yield, we can also easily test and optimize our recommendation campaigns. Dynamic Yield enables marketers to easily test every single aspect of the recommendation widgets, from the layout and design, to the recommendation strategies, to the merchandising rules, and determine what drives the highest performance. With Dynamic Yield’s recommendations, marketers can easily build, deploy, and optimize the recommendation campaigns across all digital channels and touch points.

Trustworthy recommendations backed by data for the highest ROIs. Set merchandising rules and let Dynamic Yield’s machine-learning engine automatically select the most effective strategy for each user, context, or KPI.