Personalization Pioneers Summit – NYC, 2018

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How can you work in two week sprints to get four tests out every two weeks? Then you’ll get that up to eight tests out every two weeks. And then at the end of a month you’re gonna have three or four winners and how do you scale that?

I would encourage you to be bolder and less conservative. Do a test, like 20% of the traffic, create a very bold experiment on how the layouts would work out and how the different strategies should work. And if it works then suddenly everyone understands the power of being agile.

Well I think the most important part of any sort of conversion optimization at any sort of testing is making sure you’re thinking holistically. So what ads are pointing at that? What emails are pointing at it? What is the physical product the user is gonna get as a result of that relevant landing page you served and how do you capitalize on it?

Day one featured deep-dive workshops inspired by the Dynamic Yield Academy and day two included a great lineup of industry leaders in the Personalization space.