Personalization Pioneers Summit – Singapore, 2018

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Today’s event was pretty cool. We saw people coming from different countries, different industries. Personalization for a retailer like Sephora is key in nowadays world, especially when it comes to e-commerce and digital. It’s very crucial for us to be relevant, and to be able to provide experiences that are customize, and really communicate with our customers in a personalized and in an intimate way.

The format from Dynamic Yield has been useful for us because I think it’s important for customers and vendors to actually align on goals.

We got to see what the product will build itself up to, and I think where it’s going is a very interesting direction of cognitive flexibility, AI, and data. Something which DY gives me alongside naturally the customer base and the overall website… The satisfaction that you feel when you have been able to optimize someone’s journey on the website that much better.

Sharing talks on how we can do personalization is a great way as well because y’know, every industry is in a way having their own thoughts about a certain feature. I think across industries we can actually think of better personalization techniques as a whole.

We managed to finally put a face to some of the people at Dynamic Yield we work with very often and very successfully, so besides of course the learning experience it’s also a great way to socialize and meet interesting people and great professionals.

Alongside world-class dim sum, attendees were treated to content that ranged from a discussion on the hype cycle of AI to the future of omnichannel retail in India.