An overview of Dynamic Yield’s Personalized Ranking for Listing Pages

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Introducing personalized ranking for listing pages by Dynamic Yield. Personalized ranking for listing pages is a new set of APIs to personalize list page results based on user interactions. The Ranking engine is driven by Dynamic Yield’s most advanced deep learning algorithm. To deliver optimal order of products for every visitor directly increasing product clicks, add to cart, and most importantly, average revenue per user. Dynamic Yield personalized ranking for listing campaigns can be easily managed by merchandising or marketing teams. Simply create a product listing campaign and decide where you want to show it either on all category pages or by excluding or including specific categories from your product catalog feed. Simply save the campaign and you’re ready to publish. To see the personalized ranking for listing pages in action, let’s look at an example website. In this case, the site we will be personalizing results for is on the left and the default is on the right. Note that initially, both have the same default product order in each category. Today, we’ll be looking at jackets and dresses. Note the default order on both of the items in the dresses category. Now the user on the left will go to a different category and express an interest by selecting a particular item, viewing it, and adding it to the cart. When the user on the left returns to the dresses page, note that Dynamic Yields deep learning algorithm has reordered the products on the dresses page for this user based on merely one interaction in real-time, across two different categories. And of course, Dynamic Yield provides a full performance report and a dashboard widget. So you can be sure to know what’s going on at all times.

Personalized Ranking for Listing Pages is a new set of powerful APIs to personalize listing page results powered by Dynamic Yield. Driven by our deep learning recommendation algorithm, this solution allows brands to sort and order products on PLPs to improve key conversion metrics, specifically clicks, add-to-carts, and average revenue per user. Marketing and merchandising teams can easily build and manage product listing campaigns within the Dynamic Yield platform, accessing a full performance report in real-time through the platform.

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