Sephora SEA maintains relevance through smarter execution of personalization

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Personalization for a retailer like Sephora, is key in our days world. Especially, when it comes to eCommerce and digital. The problem is that the competition, in the market is very high. So it’s very crucial for us to be relevant and to be able to provide experiences that are customized. And really communicate with our customers, in a personalized and in an intimate way. Personalizing through dynamic yield, allows us only one hand to really experiment much faster, than what we could do without it. And on the other hand also to really be able to target the different customer segments that we already identified without having to really build again all the data knowledge, about these customers again. When I think about the benefits of dynamic yields, I can definitely see that it helped us, in making our page content more relevant andrates in each of our core pages. And secondly I would say also generating significant, uplift in terms of So being able to provide more relevant offers, at the right time with the right characteristics and form. One other big benefit specifically for the upfront, is really allowing us to speed up the development and testing cycle with dynamic yield. Weso that we can be very flexible and much more much faster.

Lorenzo Peracchione, Regional eCommerce Director (SEA & AUNZ) at Sephora shares how they sped up development and testing cycles for faster ideation, execution, analysis, and optimization of personalization campaigns resulting in significant uplifts. Read the full case study here.