sgCarMart witnesses three-digit percentage growth with personalization

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Hi, my name is Paustina, I’m from sgCarMart. My role is Head of Business Development. sgCarMart is the largest car portal in Singapore. So, what do we do is that we help consumers to find the best cars based on their needs. The challenge in sgCarMart is because we are getting more and more products, and they have more categories, which we find as a user it’s getting harder and harder to find products in our pages. And we realize in this era that everybody wants to get things quick, and one time, especially when you go to websites, your attention is very short. So we try our best to use personalization to help these users to get into what they want faster than they’re supposed to be. By using Dynamic Yield, we realize Dynamic Yield is able to segment our users, so by this segmentation, we can serve customers better product recommendations. So, by launching Dynamic Yield logic, the first thing you will find that using Dynamic Yield, it’s very easy to do A/B testing, which we find that we don’t have resources to do that. So that’s the first thing that we’d like a lot. Second thing is that after launching Dynamic Yield widgets, we find that a lot of the strategy Dynamic Yield offers are able to beat our own in-house logic. Then, from there we are able to have more data in-hand to be able to tweak all these widgets to perform even better. To be frank, the uplift from Dynamic Yield is actually exceeding our expectations. So there are some widgets that actually performed three digits percent, three digits growth, which we didn’t expect it at all. The key selling points that Dynamic Yield is selling to us is not only about the technology, but they have customer success manager. And also we find that their platform is very easy to use. For 2020, what we’re trying to do is that we want to try to understand our customers even better, and give them even more relevant information.

Paustina Chou, Head of Business Development at sgCarMart, details how personalization has helped improve the discovery experience on its site, guiding users to what they’re looking for, and how A/B testing different strategies has resulted in a three-digit percentage growth rate, exceeding the company’s expectations.