Shoppers Stop achieves 33% increase in purchases with personalization

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Hi I’m Maneesh Mittal. I am customer care associate and chief of Omnichannel and Digital at Shoppers Stop. Shoppers Stop has been India’s pioneer, as far as large format retail is concerned. Along the 27 years, we’ve pioneered literally everything that there is to in retail. We’ve done 80 plus departmental stores, largely dealing with fashion and lifestyle related products. The biggest challenge for us was to overcome that mindset of treating ecommerce as a separate construct and a separate channel, and treating it instead as a part of the journey of the consumer right from the research through to the purchase, regardless of where the consumer actually does the different aspects. India being the market it is, you can get a list of vendors a mile long. How have we decided to go for an established platform; primarily because it was very important for us that we get the existing learnings that a platform like Dynamic Yield would have already created across a large number of clients. The power that Dynamic Yield gives my business users the ability to on the fly make changes on the website to personalize customer journeys without having to involve technology teams for every little thing, has been one very, very critical element of our decision. So when we started with Dynamic Yield, our initial use cases were more focused on getting customer journeys online, streamlined and personalized. But as that happened as we realized that we were getting very good results from there, we started then using it for a few Omnichannel use cases as well. We are currently undertaking a pilot, which allows our first citizens, our loyalty members to actually carry out in entire checkout journey in the store without having to stand in ques by simply tagging their mobile phones with bags that have been placed in the stores. But we were able to do in literally no time, because we were able to use the power of Dynamic Yield to create that front end ability literally within half a day. But I think the big success that we’ve seen from Dynamic Yield has been the fact that we’ve been able to improve our conversions by almost 33% compared to what it was last year. The implementation of Dynamic Yield is one of those top three levers that allowed us to achieve this. And this actually is something that we’re really excited about what we’ve achieved with Dynamic Yield, and we’d love to see how this story unfolds further.

Maneesh Mittal, Chief of Omnichannel and Digital at Shoppers Stop, details how Dynamic Yield has empowered non-technical members of his team to tailor the customer journey on its site and explains how the company has been able to create omnichannel personalization campaigns using Dynamic Yield.