ThirdLove tailors the bra shopping experience, sees 15% uplift in conversions after creative and messaging optimizations

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My name’s Desirae and I lead up our team working on personalization and site optimization at ThirdLove. ThirdLove set out to solve a challenging customer problem, which is finding a bra that actually fits well. And so the way we approached that was by working to do millions of women’s measurements, build it into algorithms and data science to basically create a better fitting bra that works for all different types of women. We felt that Dynamic Yield was the best because it allows us to do quite a lot out the gate. We do have a great engineering team and products team who are running and launching tests, but we’re able to do probably twice as many tests by just using some of the out-of-the-box tools that Dynamic Yield has. One of the things that we’ve found is, especially given that we tend to rely on inclusive sizing and have this broad size range, that there are a lot of women who have been burned before, who haven’t really found a great-fitting product, and so she naturally has a big hesitancy in buying a new brand, buying a new product at all. We actually have our Fit Finder quiz where we help women find what their right size is and 80% of the people who take that quiz, find that we’re recommending a different size than the one that they’ve been wearing. It’s a big hurdle to think about and overcome in terms of how you then convince that customer, that, no, this is right and you should try it, you should check this out because it’ll probably be the best-fitting bra you’ve ever had. So, we’ve done a series of experiments now. First, what we looked at is, well, what’s the initial landing page? And so we took some people who were landing on collections pages, where they were seeing our entire product catalog, to looking at what would happen if we landed them on our home page or if we landed them on a specific landing page that was a little bit more tailored for that first-time visitor and had more compelling information on why to try us. And we found that there was a dramatic improvement in performance by just getting her to that personalized landing page. We run a few different experiments where we found huge opportunities for personalization and one of the interesting things is, by changing the messaging and creative for some of our pages, we’re seeing a 15% uplift in conversion for certain types of audiences and really understanding what moves the needle for them. We’ve also, through a series of different experiments, have increased our Fit Finder completion rate by 70% for new visitors who were landing within a specific flow before, where we changed that, we personalized it and we’ve seen a huge improvement in that upper funnel performance.

Desirae Oppong, Director of Omnichannel Optimization at ThirdLove, details how the company has deployed a number of experiments, from a tailored “fit finder” quiz to personalized landing pages, resulting in a 70% increase in quiz completions for new visitors and a 15% increase conversions after creative and messaging optimizations.