Tottenham Hotspur tailors the fan experience with personalization

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My name is Will Satterthwaite, and I’m the Senior Digital Operations Executive at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is a Premier League team, based in North London. The website, the media site, is where fans would go for information about the team, about the games, also to buy tickets or join membership, or things like this, information about the stadium. And we also have an e-commerce site where fans can go to buy merchandise from the club, the kit, and other merchandise. The way we’ve used the media site and e-commerce site together and shared the learnings, we can share audiences between the two platforms. Say for example, if someone has a preference on the shop and we know that they like to buy predominantly junior wear, then any campaigns that we’re running on for the retail, they could be showing those audiences the more junior focused content, for example. The way we use CRM on the media site, we’ve plugged in with our database, to be able to identify logged in users, things like, whether they’re a member or not, whether they’re a season ticket holder or not. This helps us to make sure that we show them the most relevant information. On the e-commerce shop, the CRM database is very useful looking at what items people have bought in the past, to maybe a sense of affinity to certain products or say, again, campaigns. If we know they’ve bought something, then it might not be worth showing them that same things again. So, one of the reasons we chose Dynamic Yield as a partner, was the ownership it gave us of the data. So, that was really important to us. It was also a platform which we found was very accessible to non-technical people. So, a product that could be rolled out to the marketing teams. It’s wiser to set up their own campaigns without needing to be a developer. And also the speed of which that these campaigns can go live, without needing to go through the development path, which can take quite a long time. So, I think the ownership of the data, the speed and ease of the product, and also the ability to integrate with other platforms and our CRM database. So, I think, for the future, with Tottenham Hotspur and Dynamic Yield, the option is there to maybe bring it into the app, as well, to personalize the experience, like we have on web on our mobile app. And the mobile app also has a kind of good synergy with our stadium. You know, that opens the possibility, for ever down the road, should we bring Dynamic Yield into that picture, we’d be able to personalize based on where users are in the stadium. Say for example, if one bar is quite busy and others aren’t, then we might be able to push notifications, for example, people in the busier areas, to say, “By the way, it’s a bit quieter down on the other side, “if you wanted to head down there.” So, if the user’s in the stadium, then the app can identify that. And so, there might be personal data that we can offer in the physical space as well, in the future.

Will Satterthwaite, Senior Digital Operations Executive at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, explains how the club’s marketing team is able to use the platform without technical experience, how CRM data helps them personalize experiences, and how personalization has the potential to help the organization expand into mobile and physical stores. Read the full case study.