The Warehouse Group caters to customers’ interests with personalization

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I’m Nathan Martin, I’m the eCommerce personalization manager of the Warehouse Group. The Warehouse Group is New Zealand’s largest retail group, and we have six main brands now, selling everything from clothing to TVs to kayaks. We chose Dynamic Yield because it checked all of our requirements when we’re going through the end of the selection phase. It was that one tool that we could roll out to the entire business and I did the content personalization as well as the product recommendations. So one of our main issues was having only a certain amount of real estate on the home page, but having so many promotions live at one time, and we can only show a certain amount of content. Dynamic Yield has really helped us to segment our audiences and show them specific promotions for each customer group. Say from a snow audience, they may not be interested in camping or what is happening in the water, so it’s really important to take the promotions within snow and show them those categories. So that’s something we can do, we can utilize that prime real estate on the home page and show content that those people actually want to see. The results from that was a 7.8% click-through rate uplift, and a 4.4% revenue per user uplift, which we’re really happy about. Personalization is incredibly important to us, it’s something we didn’t have before and we’re really feeling the effects of it. Being able to actually show content and product recommendations that people wanted to see has been a massive unlock and it’s just shown in our data. Our personalization plan for the next 12 months is to focus on the always on personalization journeys, so that example of family just having a baby, how can we show them the cots to nappies as well as the clothing at six months and nine months, just really helping them out taking that stress out of their life and continuing on that journey.

Nathan Martin, eCommerce Personalization Manager at The Warehouse Group, explains the benefits of using one tool for the company’s entire brand portfolio, powering the ability to segment audiences and personalize promotions, content recommendations and product recommendations across the site.