Create personalized onsite experiences that reflect every visitor’s unique needs

Showcase contextually relevant content, products, messages, and offers based on real-time signals visitors leave behind.

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Turn a static website into a dynamic experience

Adapt your entire onsite experience according to the user behavior, preferences, and affinities of every single visitor with Dynamic Yield’s powerful personalization solution – even for first timers.
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Merge cross-channel data to fuel onsite experience delivery
Onboard data from multiple sources and create one cohesive dataset that powers onsite personalization. Easily collect, store, categorize, and synchronize data from your CRM, ESP, DMP, APIs, and more.
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Go inside the DNA of your users
Analyze and act on your user segment data in real time with the Audience Explorer. See instant snapshots of behavior based on filters such as device, geo, or complex custom actions and understand how each segment contributes to conversion or revenue goals.
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Serve real-time recommendations across site
Drive engagement and enhance the onsite experience with personalized content or product recommendations that are custom tailored to each user as they browse or interact with the site
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Trigger hyper-relevant messages when users expect them
Leverage real-time behavioral and contextual data or define custom events to launch 1:1 promotional overlays, exit-intent popups, important notifications, social proof messages, and more.
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Dynamically adjust the site layout to visitor preferences
Reorder elements on the site to bring relevant products or content to the forefront for each visitor, streamlining engagement and fully maximizing the entire page for increased uplifts.
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“Dynamic Yield has allowed our team to achieve scalability in our customer experience optimization that we could have never imagined before. We’re able to run personalized, localized experiences across 63 domains and multiple brands, all without adding resources.”

Marienza Benedetti,
eCommerce Personalization and Growth Manager, Electrolux

Dynamic Yield integrates with top web providers

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