Analyze That – Setting up your campaigns for optimal output

Delivering long-term, sustainable results from your personalization program comes with a significant amount of planning. From strategy to proper campaign design, all the way through analysis and optimization – there’s a lot to consider. In this webinar, the personalization experts at Dynamic Yield walk through everything you need to know.

Tune in to learn:

  • Taking a holistic approach to A/B testing
  • Setting up campaigns for optimal output
  • When to use automatic allocation vs. manual
  • Benefits of the Bayesian A/B testing model
  • Thinking strategically about experience design
  • Measuring impact and how to structure reporting

The following is an excerpt taken from a live webinar, presented by Dynamic Yield’s own Idan Gurel, Director of Customer Success Strategy, and Siva Gabbi, Director of Program Strategy and Insights. If you are interested in obtaining the full recording, please contact us at