Meet Experience APIs

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Expand personalization beyond the web

Dynamic Yield’s Experience APIs (XP APIs) provide a greater level of flexibility and control by allowing for brands to serve API-based experiences that improve web performance, extend personalization to advanced web applications, and expand into other channels such as call centers, IoT-based applications, in-store kiosks, and more. With Experience APIs, brands can leverage all of Dynamic Yield’s personalization capabilities, including programmatic targeting, product recommendations, behavioral messaging, and more – for serving holistic, cross-channel interactions via API. Once implemented, developers will have access to a detailed API log where they can drill down by specific time frames to verify their implementation is correct and troubleshoot issues. The XP APIs come with flexible implementation methods, offering brands the freedom to gradually deploy API-based campaigns alongside those from the client-side, or the option to run campaigns entirely via API.

Examples of how XP APIs can be used:

  • Embedding personalization into other channels such as kiosks, point-of-sale systems, interactive screens, call centers, and more: Showcase complimentary items when a customer adds an item to their cart using an in-store kiosk at a restaurant.

  • Allowing developers to maintain the control of page structure and content when creating a personalized campaign: Ensure all experiences displayed are pre-approved by the organization’s IT department to create a consistent customer shopping journey.  

  • Experimenting and targeting experiences without exposing any sensitive data on the browser: Show identified customers an exclusive promotion based on proprietary credit score information when visiting a financial site.

  • Launching campaigns entirely through the server-code to keep the frontend of the website from slowing down: Display all banners, messages, and recommendations that are above a website’s fold using APIs to reduce latency.